07 January 2012

Small Part Left Unsaid

How's your day going. Good? Bad? We have our reasons. I understand that. Even I had mine too. In this situation, i had a pretty bad day. Why would i say such thing like that? Well i used to get up not too early, and the whole week i had to get my ass up early than eva just to do the house chores. Taking care of my annoying-naughty sisters. To be honest, i'm not that hard around the house. I was a bit lazy. I can help some other things but not everything. I wish i could stay far away and have my own life. I'm almost 20 and seriously I still don't have that teenage-kind of freedom. huh :/

Did you wake up today and expect everything's ruin? Of course you don't! I didn't. I was hoping i had a great day. The one that i love, i care, seems to getting on my nerve lately. Almost everyday. That's not a healthy relationship i tell you. I was very much happy before those days, me myself i can't remember when was the last time i enjoyed my life so much. Frankly speaking, i messed up my relationships with everybody. I think i love living alone with myself, better than being hurt or hurting someone else. Hate to admit but, i'm not happy. Not always. Does life making me confuse or my heart always wrong? Who's fault is it. Who to blame. FML.

Quick tip ; If you notice you had a crush on someone, hold on! Don't rush. Get to know your crush even better. Even though he/she likes you too, it doesn't mean you had to jump up to a committed relationship. That could lead to some misunderstanding and lots more. Just saying. I had my experience.

Again, honestly i have much more to say but my heads spinning around with twisted words.
I believe that somehow;

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