15 January 2012

Give Your Heart A Break

Are you in a relationship? Have you ever think "He/She is the one"? Well, sometimes you just THINK they are the one without knowing you could be wrong.

Have you ever loved someone and you might hurt their feelings a couple of time or hundreds maybe. Did you felt bad about it? Eventually, yes isn't it? You feel really sorry but then you act normal because you don't want to care what's passes by. Then someone must be very pissed.

Have you ever been so humiliated by the one you love? What does it make you do? or feel? Of course it's not a pleasure.

After all that matters to you, suddenly it became slightly slipped away from the track, that's "the life" of course. Your bad. Their bad. Your fault. Their faults. Now what the heck would  you do? What's the next step?

The next question is, after a long heartbreak, what do your heart says? Does it want to be BROKEN or it wants a BREAK? I would preferable to have a "cardiac arrest" than being tortured mentally. I DO :'(

'Who Needs True Love As Long As They Love You Truly' - Natalia Kills.

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