16 November 2011

After a long time, summarize the old day.

Here am i, at the last day at my home in KL, it's nearly 0105 hour. I can't sleep, thinking what might go wrong after this, will everything be alright? can i manage to hold on this time? well, there's a lot of questions bump into my mind right now. I don't know what and how will i explain to my parents anymore after this.

I've been missing October in my blog. Guess i forgot to share that my Birthday was on 22nd of October. It was wonderful, he treat me lunch, there was a cake surprise, and we spend our time with some other friends. I enjoyed my Birthday. At the end, October was fun and life just goes on like every ordinary thing does.
On the early of November, i had my final exams. Then i went back to KL for holiday since then. 

Tomorrow, i'm going back to Penang, my matrics. bummer* I will miss my family. My mom, dad, sisters, my grannys, cousins. Guess i'll be back soon, and spend more time with them. That's all, i think. Nothing much to talk about when you have nothing much to share. Privacy is still privacy. Will be back on blog soon enough.

That's me at the back, the one in white is my sister, and the sexy eye girl is my eldest cousin.(on Raya Haji)
i'm gonna miss them so much.

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