21 September 2011

Wedding Dream

I think everyone have their own wedding dream, this topic came up in my mind when i saw a few entry from some of Malaysia's famous blogger, one of them Shea Rasul is posting about her best friend's wedding (Yanny) that recently got married. How lucky is she to have such a lovely wedding. May Allah bless the married couple.

So, what i'm day dreaming about today is a Garden Wedding. I always wanted a garden wedding since i was just a lil girl. Attracted to romantic movies/drama that have a happy ending with a marriage. Imagining if I could ever be at the altar, walking gracefully along the aisle, and there at the end of it, a loving husband will wait me.
Ohmyyyy. that is soooo 'omputeh'. But, whatever, we can break the malay tradition a bit, don't you think? It's once in a life time moment!

Okay, so then i googled some of the garden wedding photos from tumblr and much more sources, it's very beautiful.

A gazebo for bridal bed

Some decorative stuffs 

I just love the theme

I would love to have this as my wedding ring :')

Full with love and imagination,
the one and only Aimi.

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