15 January 2011


I found that typography is one of the unique art that people use them by the technique of arranging wordsThe arrangement of type involves the selection of  its fonts, angles and lining area, adjusting the spaces between groups of letters and adjusting the space between pairs of letters. Generally, thats how I understand it. My cousin made it once. She use her own picture and her name as the words. She told me it was very hard. Need a lot of patience and focus. I did saw her work tho, but I didn't take the picture of it. Maybe next time I see her I'll snap some. But, here's are some of the cool typography photos that I took from the world wide web ofcourse. 

Guess who??
Yes it is. Madonna.

Michelle Branch

You can use your creativity to create a typography. it doesn't matter on an object or anything.

Who knows I might end up being an artist and make these for livings? Haha. But, wont do so, and making it as a hobby would be nice :D 

Talk about hobby, on the next post, I would love to share with you all about a secret hobby of mine. Nobody know this except for my family. It's not much. Wait and see. 

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