22 April 2011

Justin Bieber autograph :)

Okay, as you all know Justin Bieber just performed on his 'My World Tour' concert yesterday at Stadium Merdeka. My sister's friend Sharon, 13 years old girl happen to go to the concert yesterday and she got the VIP access to the back stage. My sister, Kamilia asked her to get an autograph for us. I didn't know about this at all until she came home a few hours ago and screaming like a crazy person. I thought she was getting a histeria. HAHA. she's actually crazy about getting the autograph, Sharon got one for me, for my 2nd sis and my youngest sis. (we only got 3 siblings) I'm so excited but i'm not sure if it's true. Whatever, i saw her pictures though, so i hope the autograph is true. It's a bit messy, Sharon said all the girls are screaming and trying to hug him while he's signing the paper. (it's JB, ofcourse they're going crazy at that time) HAHA.  so, this is the pictures of it.

 look at the below autograph got my sis name 'kamilia'

there! one for each one of us. i think it says ' Just B Justin'

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