09 January 2011

Overcome the Sadness :(

1. Find out the real reason why you are feeling sad
Unfortunately, sometimes it's hard for me to know the real reason why I really get easily depressed and sad.
I tried. But still, doesn't work.

2. Talk to a trustworthy person about it
Usually I would share my problems with him, but, lately.. it doesn't go well between us.
what about others? well, not everyone can understand the exact thing that happen to me. only those who knows me well.

3. Write / talk / paint your feelings
I'm doing it. I wrote a lot.

4. Check your body; change your physiology
huh? whats that suppose to mean? Do I have a bad body language?

5. Take a break
Yes! Ofcourse a break would be nice. but, how am i going to have a break when my brain are full with problems that wont end!

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