03 January 2011

Her Big Day!

This is my sis :) Her name is Siti Kamilia Alisa, she's 13 this year. She was so excited today. 
She woke up early in the morning just to get ready in her uniform, heading to her new school.
 She's now entering the new world of teenager.
I'm damn happy to see my dear sis that once just a chubby little baby now has  grown up.
I remember the first day I went to high school. Everything got messed up :D 
what were you thinking? I wasn't mature enough :D
Everyone must been through this experience right? 
Soon enough your lil baby brother or sister will get through this too.
I'll be praying for her and hopefully she can succeed her high school life.


  1. Beautifully written! :D What a great sister :P

  2. You're better than me :D you got more siblings than i do.