04 February 2013

Not Everything.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

Does it occur to you that you can't have EVERYTHING you want in this world? Even if you have money, can you live forever? Exactly, no. 
Just a few minutes earlier i read one of my old friend blog, i startled. Amazed with where she is right now, with who she is and with what she have. In other words, jealousy is spreading inside me.
Can't help to think about how i used to underestimate and being pessimist to her, i felt terrible, awful and defeated. Make this a lesson to all, as it has been a lesson to myself too. I'm happy for her, i'm still grateful even though i don't have what i desire i'm not where i dreamed for, and i can't be with the one i adore the most. Takpelah, kata orang Allah s.w.t have a better plan for His every servants, we just have to find our trail and keep improving ourselves in and out.
I believe my best time have not yet to come, my good time has passed and this is the time i should repent and  take a good look at myself, fix myself than judging and put too much concern on somebody else.
Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah s.w.t that i still have time, YOU still have time too. Embrace your time and life, make it work.

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