24 October 2012

Look how long time passed by, it's October already. I missed update something into September, no worries we'll meet again next year :) InsyaAllah.

So, Assalamualaikum dear readers. Hope you're enjoying each and every day of your life, good bad and even worst. I do. Have you ever heard or read a phrase about life is just like world's nature. Some days are cold, some days are hot, some are stormy and eventually some are just as peaceful as can be. But we get through it didn't we? and how bad the life can be when we still have our soul to live.

October, dear sweet loving October. The favorite month, for it's the month i were born into this world. 22nd October 1992. I enjoyed my days, especially my on my birthday a few days ago. So, i guess i should be very thankful, Alhamdulillah. One perfect word to say it all. It means Thank you Allah. Thank you for i have live a better life everyday and blessed by Your grace and love. Thank you for the family i have and all the leisure. I love my family and my loved ones. I pray so that everyone i love to live longer and prosper, and may everyone blessed.

So i wish you all a happy joyful October even it's spooky Halloween and whatsoever :) take care now.
Au revoir.                                                                                                          

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