14 July 2012

Here and still here.

How long has it been? 1 months? 2? It's been a while for sure here in Seri Iskandar. What can i tell you about this place. Ummm. Not too bored not too many excitements. There's a Tesco nearby and also a half an hour journey to Jusco Aeon. Still got no cinema. But it's a huge mall. There got MNG, Guess, Esprit and Cotton On as well. Not that i'm bragging about the branded stores and boutiques, my point is it's not a dead place and not that deserted. Okay, done with the places.

The first week, orientation week. Of course it's miserable! Tiring all day. Still can remember everything. 5.30 Iin the morning we're already in the mosque for Subuh, then late night at 1 morning we'll be allowed to go back to bed. Do you have any idea how long did we sleep for a day? Approximately 3-4 hours. I did skip some of the programs, i can't take it.So, bla bla bla. And when the first week of class session starts, i had fun. Get to know new classmates, get to know the new subjects. Not all are new, calc, physics and computer science are still there. Alhamdulillah i already learned most of the topics in matriculation, so it's not too hard for me to catch up for these subjects. The new subject is land survey, and trust me it's not that easy. And Science Geomatic is not only about "ukur jalan" like most people defined it.

It's actually more than measuring the road or measuring whatsoever, you'll be surprise when you know about this course. There'll be about astronomy, computer software, sea bed contour, high ground, lower ground, and lot's of outdoors pracs that you will love if you love to be outdoor and play with the sun. Haha. As for me, i prefer to have this way than studying like a total nerd in the classroom :)

So, that's is all a little much about what i do and where i do it. I hope i've given enough updates. Sorry, no photos for a while. Till then, may Allah blessings be with you and Salam.

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