28 March 2012

Note to self

From the blogger of http://www.noktahhitam.com/

First and foremost, an immense amount of determination is required. If you are half-hearted and impatient , just stay away, be fat and shut up about it . I can safely say, you’ll see the results in 1 months. Get a partner and lose weight together.
Did I say 10kg? Well, I meant any amount of kg, as long as you do it right. If you’re categorized as obese, you’d lose a lot more.
Eating rice is a sin. Rice is a necessity for Malaysian. Not many can survive a day without rice. Rice is the biggest contributor of carbohydrate in our routine meals. In this diet, you are forbid to eat rice and other derivatives of rice, like mee hoon etc. For better results, skip any food which contains carbohydrate.
Sugar is also a sin. It’s almost impossible to avoid sugar in our daily lives. When you’re out with your friends, drink plain tea (no sugar or milk). Also no snack and tit-bits at all time.
No Oil and Fast Food. Stay away from deep-fry dishes or anything that requires oil. Your meal must be boiled, grilled or steamed. Yeah, also no fast food, they contain tonnes of oils.
Eating right. Remember, eating right is the key to losing weight. There is 5 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. Don’t ever skip any.
Exercise (optional). Burn more fat while you’re at it. Jog for 15-30 minutes. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk a lot more than often. Public transport helps too.
What to eat? Anything that contains protein but be sure to limit the amount of consumption. E.g. it’d be close to stupid if you had a whole chicken for lunch. Drink a lot of plain mineral water.

And this is from myself :-
My planning for personal diet.

Breakfast – 2 half boiled eggs or a bowl of cereal. Low fat milk.
Lunch – Vegetable or salad and fruits. Mineral water.
Tea - Tea or any hot beverage and high fiber biscuits. 
Dinner – Steamed fish / yong tau fu / grilled chicken.
Supper - Low fat milk and high fiber biscuits. 

Within these few months before going back into college / Uni, i need to put efforts in rebuilding my body figure to be more healthy and more comfortable in dressing up. Dad always says, people nowadays are prejudice and discriminate. They judge you by your appearance first. I hate to say this, but being fat wont help you getting good job and being attractive. Most important, be healthy. Together, remind yourself, friends and family. 

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