31 December 2010

New Year. New Beginner.

Greetings human kind :D It's already 0031 01012011. Happy New Year. I'm about to start something new in my life. I never had a blog before. It's just that a good friend of mine suggest me to have it. She says I had a pretty bad anger management. Yeah! she's absolutely right. I might be look like a jerk, but I got one spicy mouth. ouchh* Her name is Farah, she think it's best for me to let it all out in here. It's not good to hear a young cute adorable little lady like me to say such horrible words right :D shissh* I must be overwhelming. HAHA. So, whatever, this year, I hope I could change to be nicer and maturer. It's not like I wanna be a f**kin nerd or something, I just wanna be better than before. I'd done so many things that hurt peoples feelings, too many wrongness to the person i love the most, and sins, I think I should repent. Yeap. you understand clearly about teenage's life. We all wanna try new things, we wanna do the excitements, joyful and the thrilling minds. But we always forget the limit. Nevermind, lets just  skip this boring part and move on. As I was saying, new beginning, new hope and new spirit. Remember! I'm a very fresh blogger, so do me a favor, don't talk crap. Make friends. May Allah bless me and my loved ones.

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